About Us

West Malaysia Agarwood Kingdom is a local brand originated from Malaysia. We have our own agarwood garden, our agarwood garden is to cope with the scarcity of wild agarwood. Agarwood is called "Plant Diamond". We have been focusing on researching this diamond. For decades, until now we have our own formula, and then we have our own factory. Our agarwood essential oil distillation system has undergone various improvements and enhancements.

We insist on using natural raw materials to create natural, additive-free and pollution-free healthy fragrances, remove chemical fragrances, purify indoor air, and leave a beautiful environment for future generations. We firmly believe that high-quality, organic and natural active ingredients are the key to becoming an excellent product. We hope to do our best to pass the agarwood culture from generation to generation.

Do you know what kind of changes an incense can bring to your life?