What is agarwood?

Agarwood is formed when the agarwood tree is injured and secretes resin to repair itself when it is infected by a yellow-green black ear fungus. In order for this fungus to survive, it will metabolize wildly in the tree and produce a magical chemical effect. The antibodies of the agarwood tree itself and the infected fungus mix together for a long time and slowly form a substance called benzylacetone. Over time, it will form sessile mushroom and chromone compounds, these two substances It is called agarwood. If these two substances are decomposed, more than 70 chemical substances and more than 160 drugs can be decomposed. The main ingredients include calcium, zinc, manganese and vitamins, which are special nutrients and supplements that are good for the human body.

The formation of oily knots along the fibers of the tree is like platelets trying to block the wound with medicine and prevent it from decay. But too many platelets will cause another problem that is blocking the channel for nutrient delivery.